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Some games get you puzzled from the very first minutes. And Toilet Chronicles is one of them! All events unfold in a public restroom. It may seem that the plot is really dull as what so funny can happen in a usual toilet? But wait until you start – the plot development is very unexpected here. And who knows if you can ever get out of here alive. So what is it all about?

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Find a way to get out of this trap!

Everything starts in a very routine way in this strange game. One day, you just decide to visit a public toilet. You do not plan to spend more than a few minutes there. But wait, you do not know yet that you may get stuck here for much longer, or even forever? Once you enter the toilet, you do not see anything suspicious – just a traditional interior with several cabins, water taps and a hand drier. You enter one of the cabins, and suddenly you hear knocks from a neighboring one. You try to ignore it, when a male’s voice is asking you to pass some paper! It does not seem to be a problem and you help with ease. But your neighbor immediately passes you a strange note asking you not to leave the place. What the hell is going on here? Very soon, you will realize that some mystical things occur here, and you are in a trap. How to get out of here? It seems you will be able to do it without the help of the stranger locked in one of the cabins. He definitely knows something! That person will keep passing you strange notes with the information you cannot fully understand. But it is obvious that he is warning about some danger. And while you are trying to interact with different objects around, you notice something terrible enters the toilet. It is a huge tentacle! You must have done something wrong, and now you are going to be killed!

What will be your ending?

It will be absolutely impossible to predict what and how to do in this game as the instructions are really obscure. You will have to interact with everything you can during the walkthrough until you find a way to run away from this gloomy place. The developers decided to add twelve different endings to this entertainment. It is almost unlikely to find a correct solution from the first try. So be ready to experience all sorts of horrors before you manage to escape. But you will continuously act in an atmosphere of risk and danger, so you need to have nerves of steel to find out who stands behind this all. Do you have enough gut to go through endless thrills and succeed? Be very attentive and try to avoid all mistakes you have made previously. Do not give up as sometimes you may think there is no any solution at all in this horror story. But your desire to disclose this secret is much stronger than your fear, isn’t it? Then do your best to complete this task!

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